Case Study 1

Stephen Lewis, Part time macadamia nut grower.

Orchard consists of 1 Hectare (2.5 Acres)  160 trees of Mainly Beaumont with a few Own Choice variety as cross pollinators, Harvesting just over 4 tonne of nuts in husk.
Up until we purchased one of your machines we had to sell our entire crop De-husked at 2800kg to a local processor for $3.20 per kg  (NIS) Nuts in Shell, giving us an annual return of only $8,960.00

With the purchase of your V-Twin Dehusker and Twin Cracker we are now in a position to fully process our own crop and retail this to local food processing companies, bakeries and the remainder to farmers markets at an average of $35.00 per kg now giving us a return of $42,000.00 per annum for an expenditure of under $10,000 we were able to pay for the equipment several times over within the first year.

Crop Breakdown:

– 160 trees producing Aprox. 4000 kg (NIH)

– After De-husking 2800kg of Nuts in Shell (NIS) – Worth $8,960

– After Cracking 1200kg of kernel  – Now worth $42,000.00

Case Study 2

Macadamia nut grower Northland  New Zealand
Supplying their entire crop to a processor 200km away for processing and recieving the nut kernels back in 2kg bags

Crop 9 tonne
cost to get processed $3200.00 per tonne, Total cost $28,800.00
cost of transport $50 per tonne , total cost $450.00
Total cost for 9 tonne $29,250.00
And during this process the grower has no control over what is returned as kernel

Purchase a twin cracker
cost to get processed (price of twin cracker and labor to run it) $10,500.00
Total cost for 9 tonne $10,500.00

Following year now that you own your own cracker
cost to get processed (price of labor only to run machine)$4,500.00
Total cost for 9 tonne $4,500.00 (that’s only $500.00 per tonne)




The team at Crackadamia gave us quick & efficient service within a day of our order. We made a time with Elle & Ilko to service & fit our old machine to a new table & hopper. Ilko brought the 10 yr old machine to it’s maximum potential. He explained how it worked & routine maintenance.
We were able to test out the lifestyler unit with three generations of our family on Fathers day as we collected Macadamias husked our first lot of nuts to dry. It worked like a dream. Many Thanks Elle & Ilko for sharing your wealth of knowledge & skills with us.

Pete & Ara Rodney, NZ


I just wanted to follow up and let you know that the machine is working great, its very nice to be able to crack nuts ourselves, Even our 12-year old daughter can use it.


M.Bright California USA

Thanks for standing behind your product, which in all regards has shown excellent craftsmanship, Upgrading the hinge brought that critical component up to par with the rest of the machine. (Please note: this particular hinge is now a standard part on all machines)

I would be happy to recommend your machine

R DeMarco Hawaii

At Last a nut cracker that works well, We have just processed our crop for this season in record time and with great results, thanks guys the whole family can use it.

John. D Australia

Absolutely brilliant product. I am impressed with the workmanship,  Great to deal with and included some unexpected very valuable FAQs and product information. Would recommend to anyone! Many thanks for the great product!

P Norwood New Zealand